Friday, February 17, 2012


Wow! I am in awe right now!

Today we received such a huge answer to prayer that it has left me speachless!!

Two days ago I posted asking all of you to pray for us that we would be able to get the rest of the money we needed for the adoption and for travel costs. Two days ago.

Today I got a call from our accountant saying we are getting a tax refund in almost the exact amount we need (actually a bit more) to meet all of our adoption expenses and travel costs!!! I about hit the floor! We NEVER get refunds, we always have to pay taxes, so this is not money we were expecting at all.  I started crying immediately and was so overwhelmed by the power of prayer.

Thank you all for taking the time to pray for us. God heard and answered your prayer and now we are ready to bring our little girl home :-)


  1. Everything happens for a reason!!! Shaina will be coming home soon!

  2. That is such good news! God is so good is so many ways. :)

  3. Amazing, isn't it!? Loved this post!!! :)