Monday, November 28, 2011

Homestudy interviews

Things have been such a whirlwind since we returned from Haiti!!

About a week ago a social worker from our homestudy agency came to do our interviews. She interviewed Ryan first, then the two of us as a couple. Then Ryan had to go to work so she did my interview. Then, the kids came home from school. Bella had drawn and photo of our family, including Shaina, so the social worker asked her about that. Riley had written a paragraph about how he felt about the adoption. So the social worker asked him about what he had written. I loved what the kids drew/ wrote and what they said when they were interviewed. They are both so excited about Shaina coming home and it warms my heart!
The social worker came back a few days later to interview my mom, who lives with us. All in all, the interviews were painless and went well. I really enjoy our social worker. She has so many years of experience, especially regarding attachment, and is an adoptive mom herself.

So, now we wait for our homestudy to get approved and written. It will be such a nice feeling to have it done, signed, sealed and delivered :-)


  1. I'm sure you can't wait for the homestudy to be out of the way! One more thing done!

  2. It must feel great to have such a concrete step towards her adoption in motion :)

  3. Glad to hear your steps are moving along - thanks for checking out our blog!