Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Haiti- Day 4 and some fun, random photos

Our last day in Haiti was very sad for me. I actually started crying the night before, knowing we would be leaving Shaina in the morning. My heart was heavy. We spent the morning in our usual fashion, getting ready, having breakfast.  We started packing up our room at the guest house and Shaina got a worried look on her face. She asked me, in Creole, " Are we leaving?". I told her yes. I didn't know how to explain to her that Ryan and I were leaving but she was staying behind, for now. So, I waiting until Samuel was there to translate for us. Total side note: throughout our time with Shaina, we had been using a book called Haitian Creole for Adoptive Families. It was a great help for us in communicating with her. We were able to tell her that we were her family, show her pictures of our other two children and tell her that they were her brother and sister, ask her if she was hungry, sad, tired, etc. I recommend it for anyone adopting from Haiti. You can buy it on Amazon.

Samuel came to pick us up in the tap tap all too soon. I had him explain to Shaina that we had to go back to the US but we would be coming back for her soon and that we loved her very much. I had him tell her that soon she would be a part of our family forever and come and live with us in the US. She was sad. I was sad. Ryan was sad. It was hard.

Unfortunately, I do not know when we will get a chance to go back and visit her again. Ryan has a new restaurant opening soon and that will keep him very busy at least until spring. So we may have to wait until then.  Meanwhile, I am having fun shopping for her Christmas presents, but there is a hole in my heart knowing she won't be with us for Christmas. I just hope and pray she will be with us next year at this time!

Here are some fun/ random photos from our trip.

Ryan and Samuel

Ryan in the tap tap

Our room at the Matthew 25 Guesthouse

Beautiful art for sale in Port au Prince

The destroyed Presidential Palace


  1. This is a great post. Leaving them there is heartbreaking, I know. Ryan looks so happy...I'm so glad he got to go. Love to you all!

  2. Yay!!!!! Ok, if I post from my phone, it works! Haha :)

  3. It's so heartbreaking to have to leave them behind, but wonderful that you could try and explain it to her somewhat. Hopefully she understands your love her. And hoping your process goes quickly...

  4. Saying goodbye is so very, very hard. Our two youngest sons are Haitian and will soon celebrate two years at home, but I remember well the long and often heart-breaking journey. May God bless you and strengthen you with faith and hope each step of the way! -Stephanie

  5. Hopefully she will be with us sooner than next Christmas!!! xoxo

  6. She is so adorable! It must of been so difficult to leave her there. Praying that it will all be done soon and you will have her home.

  7. Your daughter is beautiful! I hope your adoption journey goes smoothly and you have her home very soon!