Sunday, January 3, 2016

Counting Down and Final Fundraiser!

We were submitted for Shaina's visa on December 23rd!! So we are officially in countdown mode! We are hoping to be traveling the first week of February to bring Shaina home. We just have to wait of her visa appt to be scheduled and once the visa is approved we can book travel.
That just feels so surreal to say.

It has been a flurry of activity there. We have had Shaina's bed set up and ready for years (all of Bella's friends sleep in in when they have sleepovers so it has come in handy) but the closet she and Bella will share was a disaster and so was the rest of their room. So my project for the last few weeks was completely emptying everything out, sorting, cleaning and organizing all toys, purging bags and bags of toys and other (ahem) crap, restocking closet with size 5, 6 clothes for Shaina (not sure what size she will be in but thank goodness we saved all of Bella's clothes from size 5 on up!),  patching up holes in walls and finally we decided to repaint and rearrange the furniture. All that with Christmas made for a crazy couple of weeks! I am happy to report the room is DONE and it looks fantastic! I can't wait for Shaina to see it. Bella can't wait to finally have her here to share a room with!

Here is a pano and a regular photo of their room.

We were blessed with a grant right before Christmas that will completely cover the remaining fees we owe to our agency and Shaina's visa and visa medical fees. However we still need help raising money for our travel costs to bring her home. Would you like to be a part of bringing Shaina home?
Our final adoption fundraiser is called Tag the Bag! We bought this beautiful suitcase that we will use to take donations down to Haiti and bring Shaina's things home with us. It will be her suitcase. We want to tag it with names and messages from everyone who loves her, loves us and has helped to make our adoption dream a reality! Donate any amount to our adoption fund and we will add your name and a brief message from you to Shaina's suitcase! Imagine how overwhelmed she will be when she sees all of the names and notes of love for her, when she realizes how many people supported bringing her home!

Donations may be made via PayPal to  Please add your message in the notes.
Thank you so much for your prayers, encouraging words, cheerleading and financial support. Without you we would not be where we are, weeks away from finally bringing our daughter
From Haiti to Home!

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