Monday, December 22, 2014

Oh happy day

Today was such a good day!

At about 3pm today I checked my phone and noticed a VM from a Colorado number. I knew instantly who it was and knew there was only one reason she would be calling me today! I listened to the voicemail and when I heard her say she had good news for me I let out a shriek of delight! My DD came running to see if I was ok. I looked at her and said, "We are GOING to Haiti!!!" "We got our referral???" She asked. We were both so excited, in complete shock. I sobbed like a baby at the thought of getting to see my daughter again after 3 years away!!

With this referral comes our 2 week bonding trip. Both our DS and DD will be coming with us to Haiti for this trip. We will stay in the creche where Shaina lives and spend our days with the children there, particularly Shaina!!! This trip has been sooo long coming! We are really in disbelief that we are able to plan for it and GO! My arms ache to hold Shaina again and I can't get there soon enough!

God has shown Himself and His plan in so many ways throughout our adoption journey. As usual, we have not been able to see that Plan and its perfection until we were far removed from it. But it has been perfect and not only for our good but for all of our family's good. God knew that. He gets it!
This was just another example of how He is working and has everything planned out perfectly.  We originally received notice that we would be traveling for our bonding trip in May (they said 30 days which put us in June). As you know that timeframe came and went and during that time my mom passed away from cancer and my family was reeling from that blow for many months. That brings us to now. My husband and I finally were able to move into the master bedroom in our house (what had been my mom's room up until this time). We finally felt at peace with the changes and were able to get settled in the new room. I had my hip replacement revision surgery about a week and a half ago. For those that know me this is the 5th surgery in 8 years of pain. The past year so excruciating I felt paralyzed at times. I am feeling so amazing after this surgery! Still in pain but walking so steady and stable and just feeling…good! For the first time in 8 years I can do things without them hurting! I am still recovering no doubt but the fact that I can already walk unassisted is such hope for me of a much better outcome!!
Due to my surgery I am not cleared to fly until the 3rd week in January. So guess when our agency director and creche director want us in Haiti for our bonding trip? You guessed it- the end of January! Now tell me that is not a God Nod!!! We also found out two great friends will be in Haiti during our bonding trip so we will get to see and spend time with them.

Tonight we celebrate! This Christmas season, as always, we have so much to be thankful for. We are so blessed!
And tonight please join us in praying that Shaina will be home with us next Christmas!

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