Sunday, June 1, 2014

This was unexpected!

This past Thursday (May 29th) started out like any other day. I took care of my mom, picked up around the house, ran a few errands. Nothing exciting. I picked up my daughter from school and we headed over to my son's school where we have a half hour wait until he gets out. She started on her homework and I checked my emails. And that's when it happened. The first email I saw was from our agency and I could tell from the subject that it was an invoice. I couldn't figure out why would be getting a bill when we were not at the next phase yet. I quickly looked at the next email, also from our agency.

It read,

 "Hello Kate
We got good news today that the Social worker has met with Shaina’s mother and signed off on the referral. So, the official letter of referral should be signed by the directress of IBESR within next 25-30 days. Congratulations!
So, once we have an official letter, we can schedule your travel."

Um WHAT????? I screamed and scared my daughter half to death. She kept asking what was wrong and I just looked at her in stunned silence. I was in complete shock, utter disbelief! How could this be happening this fast? We had only been in IBESR a little shy of two months and already we were getting our official referral???? This step was averaging 6-9 months for everyone else on our Haiti Adoption Group.

I told my daughter the news. "We are going to Haiti soon!!! You get to meet your sister!!!" We both started crying. I quickly called my husband. He, too, was amazed at how quickly this step had happened. He started to talk about how we were going to afford this trip but I had to stop him. I wanted to be able to enjoy the excitement of it before the reality of it set in!!

Next post, hopefully in a month, with travel plans!!!!

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