Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Two pieces of VERY good news!

People are amazing!

I just had to start by saying that. We have been enormously blessed by those who have donated to our adoption fund! I am brought to tears when I think about the generosity of people in my life. We have been $2000 short of the money we needed for the Dossier phase fee of our adoption. Our dossier, or basically our life in paperwork, was submitted to our agency, where it was translated into French. Then it sat on a desk at our agency. Our adoption wouldn't officially start again until our dossier was submitted to IBESR (Haitian social services).
Then an angel came into our lives and offered to pay the remainder of fee for this phase of our adoption. I was speechless.  This generous donation was made by a girl that I had been friends with in high school but haven't seen in 20 years. She told me something that affected me profoundly. She said that I had changed her life in high school when I took her under my wing and invited her to church and this was her way of saying thank you. Isn't that incredible!!?? She is a truly selfless person and I am more grateful for what she has done than I can ever express. THANK YOU MANDY!!  I can't wait to share with Shaina all of the wonderful people who helped us so much to bring her home.

Now we wait for our agency to get back up to speed after the holidays and send our dossier down to Haiti, where it will get legalized and authenticated and then submitted to IBESR. I am hoping we will be in by February or March!

Our other piece of good news is that we received approval of our I-600A from USCIS. This means that we are done with the US side of the adoption until we exit IBESR! Yay~ one step closer!

We have received many updated photos of Shaina in the last few weeks but she is with her friends from the creche in them so I can't post them. Maybe I will try to blur some of the other children's faces so I can post them. She is such a beautiful girl!

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