Monday, November 7, 2011

Getting ready for Haiti

We have only a few more days before we leave for Haiti (we fly out on Thursday and arrive on Friday). I have been busy buying things to take for Shaina; clothes, toys, snacks, etc to have while she is with us. I have also been buying things for our friends there: clothes, a Celine Dion CD (their favorite...), beef jerky (they LOVE it), lots of soap, shampoo, etc.
I haven't started packing yet. I think I will tackle that tonight while my husband is home. But I have been thinking a lot about this trip. It is going to be very emotional I think. This will be my  husband's first time meeting his new daughter. I wonder what his reaction to her will be. What will he do? What will he say? What will be going through his head when he sees her for the first time? I remember my first time meeting Shaina very clearly. I saw her from a distance and didn't recognize her from the one photo we had of her. She had grown so much and looked so different. Our friend introduced me to her and I bent down and said, "Bonjou Shaina" I gave her a doll, which she immmediately hugged (and didn't let go of the entire 3 days she was with me). I was in shock. Here was my new daughter. Standing right in front of me. She was so beautiful. So amazing! I picked her up and held her and studied her face. She didn't know what to think of me at first, but she warmed up pretty quickly, and I was so thankful for that. I really hope she'll do the same for us on this trip!

Here is a photo of what my bedroom floor looked like last night as I had all of Shaina and our friend's gifts strewn everywhere:

I will try to blog while in country, but the internet connection at the guest house we are staying in can be pretty spotty, so we'll see...

More to come soon!


  1. So happy that you are leaving for Haiti this week. Enjoy your time there and make the best out of it. Never know... we might cross paths if i can get Kyanne's VISA this week. :)

    Can't wait to read all about it.


  2. Blessings to you on this trip!! I'm sure that your husband will fall in love harder than he imagined... and it will be such a blessing to both of you. It's wonderful to be able to cry together when one of you is having a "missing Shaina" day... can't wait to hear all about it!