Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Going to Haiti!!!

I am so excited! Ryan and I booked our tickets last night and we are going to Haiti next month to visit Shaina! This will be Ryan's first time meeting her and his first time in the country. He is, understandably, a bit nervous. I am too. I am nervous that Shaina will not remember me, or like me this time, or want to spend time with me. But, I have to think positive. I am thrilled to be getting a chance to see her again and spend 3 days with her. I can't wait for Ryan to get to know her too and fall in love with her just like I have. I also want him to meet and spend time with the friends I made in  Haiti.  This will be a great trip!
The countdown is on!
15 more days!!


  1. So happy for you all. I received your comment on our blog. Have a great trip. I had the same worries about going back to visit our son, too. I know the worries are normal, but everything will fit right in place. God planned your family before you and your husband were even married. Your daughter will remember you, and it's going to feel so right! Very excited for your trip!

  2. How exciting!!! Hope you can blog a little while you are there. :)

  3. I remember vividly my husband's first introduction to our son! I met him in 2008 while on a mission trip and it took us 2 years to come together as a couple to adopt. My husband met him in 2010.
    Take in every moment! Let the images of your husband's introduction be burned in your mind. You'll need those moments over the next steps!
    It's all SO worth it. Our son should be home by February and we are so excited!!!