Friday, August 12, 2011

An update

There is not much to report. We have some things in the works regarding the adoption, but I cannot share them yet. Let's just say that I have to sit back and wait for certain things to happen before I can actively participate and get the ball rolling for our adoption. God is really testing my patience. But, I am also more confident that Shaiena will be a part of our lives. I just feel it. We are also getting our ducks in a row here at home, financially. I think this is part of God's plan for us. He is delaying the adoption so we can do this and be more settled before we can pursue it with full force and before we can bring Shaiena home. So, although  it is so hard to wait, I know I am waiting for a reason and I know I will get to bring Shaiena home. I just can't wait for that day!!!  


  1. I'm glad it is still a possibility for you to adopt her. Patience is tough, but it's good to see that God is helping to align things for you. Hopefully she is getting good care in the mean time

  2. I believe it will happen sooner then later!!

  3. Can't wait to hear all about your news!