Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Well, this past weekend was a very stressful one. We were camping when I received an email stating that President Martelly (of Haiti) was meeting with representatives from different countries and UNICEF to decide the future of Haiti adoptions. One of the things they have proposed is to stop indepent adoptions (which is the type of adoption we are doing). This means that all adoptions would have to go through an agency in their country and a licensed creche (orphanage) in Haiti.  This would make it much harder for us to adopt Shaiena and cost 3 times as much (which we cannot afford)! So basically, it would derail our adoption all together.
We have not heard when the changes to the Haitian adoption law will take place, but they are saying very soon.

We are very sad and confused by all of this. My heart is breaking to think that I might not get to bring Shaiena home.

Please be praying for us!!


  1. I will be praying for you. Thanks for keeping us updated!

  2. It's impossible to know when this will be implemented. It has actually been on the table for a long time, but as Haiti goes - any type of change can take a very long time. Also, he needs a proper parliament to make any type of changes and he can't seem to get that going either. Don't give up hope! If she is the one God has chosen to be part of your family, it will happen. I can see partly why they would want this law, but it is frustrating. I wish someone could put a cap on UNICEF!

  3. Remember...Your "All In!"

  4. Kate, I love what Denise said. Also this could be seen as cheesy but I have always remembered a little saying: "Where God guides, He provides." You are confident that God has led you to this point and He is not going to leave you. Even if the adoption is derailed He will be with you and providing for you. I will pray for you and that your heart's desire is fulfilled!!! xoxo