Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Still running the race

Sometimes in feels like we have been running this race forever.

As much as I know better, I let my heart get set on Shaina being home for Christmas this year. It devastates me to say she won't be. We are hoping for January or February but she will have to wait one more year before she can help decorate the tree, go to Christmas Eve service at church, watch silly Christmas movies and sing carols with us. My lovey will have to wait one more year to wake up in her own bed Christmas morning and run out to check and see if Santa filled her stocking and find with glee that he left gifts under the tree.  One more year tears me up this year. It has been 4 Christmases now without her. 4. This year is the hardest for sure. We are so close. Sooooo close to her being home that to not have her here yet is like a knife to the heart. I should have known better than to let myself get my hopes up.

Want to know the latest? Well, we were told that we would have our passport and be submitted for visa a few weeks ago but that hasn't happened. We are still, going on 4 months now, waiting for her passport. Other families get through this stage in weeks not months. There is no rhyme or reason to why it is taking us so long. But it hurts. Once we get her passport we will get submitted to USCIS (US immigration ) and begin the visa process. Shaina will have to get medical testing done (which she has already had so we are not concerned) and have an interview at the US Embassy.  Then her visa is approved and we get her visa and exit letter from IBESR and away we go to fly home!!

Sounds easy and hopefully it will be.

We could really appreciate your prayers please. Throughout our adoption journey (February makes 5 years) we have wrestled with giving control over to God. There are moments when I am completely at ease and trusting in His perfect timing. And there are moments when I get mad and angry that it is taking so long and think I He doesn't know what He's doing. Foolish I know. Looking back on the journey this far I can see very clearly why it has taken so long. Whether it was my mom's health, financial reasons or something else, there has been a very good reason why it would have been detrimental for Shaina to have come home earlier. I have been able to see it all the times before, but I can't see it now.  I trust God. I trust His plan. I trust His timing,  but I am having a hard time seeing why Shaina is still not home.

Please also pray that we will find a way to finish funding our adoption. We still have approx $5,000 in fees and travel costs to pay for.

And pray this race comes to an end soon and Shaina comes HOME.

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