Thursday, October 25, 2012

So sorry for the silence!

I am so sorry I have abandoned my blog! Life has definitely gotten away from me. But, things are starting to calm down a bit so I feel I can start to blog again.

The journey remains the same but different.

On August 17th we got the email we had been waiting oh so long for: Shaina's visa application was approved by the USCIS!!!!! When I got the text from USCIS my heart stopped.  I was so afraid the application was going to be denied.  I saw the words, Approved, and I screamed! I started bawling. Ryan and the kids came in and I could barely get the words out through all the sobs, "she's coming home!!"

So that was 2 months ago. Since then the file has been sent to the National Visa Center.  They needed more paperwork and more forms filled out. At this point we decided to hire an immigration attorney to help with this last step because we just didn't want any more delays. 

We are praying our little girl will be home, in our arms, by Christmas. That would be the most amazing gift and answer to prayer.

It has been almost a year since I have seen her in person, gotten to hug and kiss her sweet little face. I just cannot wait to see her again! We have all talked to her on the phone many times, sent her birthday gifts and luckily had a friend who has gone down twice and taken pictures for us. But that is just not enough.  She needs to be home, with her forever family!

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