Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Haiti- Day Two

Our second day in Haiti was a fun day. Our friend, Samuel, met us at the guest house with a tap tap. Another friend, Baby, was with him. We spent the day touring Port au Prince and visiting friends. We went to an area up in the hills of PaP. It is a nicer area of the city and we stopped to check out some of the street art and also to have lunch in a small bakery. Then we headed to Gerardeau, a not so nice area of the city, to visit friends. We also went to Camp Haitian, one of the tent camps, where a few other friends live. On our way to the camp, our tap tap blew a tire and we sat on the side of the road for a few hours waiting for him to return with a replacement. "What, no roadside assistance in Haiti?" a friend joked. 

We visited a lot of places I had been to on my first trip to PaP. But everything we saw and experienced was new to Ryan. I loved watching his reaction to the city, the people, the smells and sights of PaP. The friends we saw were so open and welcoming to him and he embraced them as well. Now, they are his friends too!

Shaina did great all day. We took her backpack full of toys and snacks with us.  The three of us bonded and had fun together. Shaina loves Ryan.  She was holding his hand, they were playing together and she let him cuddle her. It was so special to see!!


  1. Sounds like a lot of great adventures! So great to see pics of her with the both of you :)

  2. Awesome pics!! Shaina is beautiful!!!