Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Haiti on The Travel Channel

Last night Ryan and I watched Anthony Bourdain's show called No Reservations on The Travel Channel. We are fans of Bourdain, a chef, and his show. He visits out of the way places, is always up for trying new foods and (unusual for a chef) is very unpretentious!

On last night's show he went to Haiti, specifically Port Au Prince.Tony toured the poorer areas of the city and ate the traditional street food. He even attempted to feed some of the hungry children he found by buying out a street vendor. The attempt went wrong when people started to argue and fight over the food, but at least he tried to do good...
Ryan and I were both riveted to the screen. I don't know about Ryan, but I kept thinking, "My daughter could be there somewhere.... amid all that rubble and devastation." It was horrible to watch. The poverty was overwhelming. The tent cities were everywhere. It was so sad and my heart was breaking for all of the children who were living in those conditions.

Watching the show last night made me even more convinced that we are on the right path.  It is such a slow process though. I just wish we could speed it up, get our referral and bring our daughter HOME! But I know I need to be patient. All in good time!

If you want more info on Tony's Haiti show, or to watch clips, click below:


  1. Be patient!!! We WILL make it happen!!

  2. Hi Kate,
    I wanted to start by saying how happy I am for you and your family to start this wonderful journey! I found your blog through someone else that is following you.

    My husband and I just received a referral of an 8th month Haitian baby girl we are so happy to be her parents and can’t wait to bring her home.
    This journey is quite the roller coaster ride but it’s the most amazing feeling when you get the call for the referral.

    Do you know the name of the orphanage your agency is dealing with in Haiti?


    You can email me at sylviecormier77@gmail.com


  3. So happy for you!! We are praying our province opens to Haiti in June when they review things. Got back 6 weeks ago and I can't stop thinking and reading about Haiti. Love to read about you journey, thanks for sharing.